History of AUPPThe history of AUPP welcomed its first class in August 2013, and in consultation with several U.S. universities, has shown dynamic growth and development in creating excellent academic programs and a wide-range of student opportunities with regional and international internships, community services, and non-curricular cultural experiences.Through the efforts of our faculty, students, and staff, AUPP is realizing its vision to provide a center of academic excellence for Cambodia.  The university reaffirms its commitment to the students and parents in imparting university-wide values of high academic expectations, accountability, equity, integrity, and personal responsibility. AUPP is one of the most prestigious universities in Cambodia. The university provides high quality, internationally based curricula that focuses on student development so that each of the AUPP graduates has the requisite technical skills and leadership qualities to be in demand in the global workforce.

To consolidate its vision as the leading academic center of excellence in Cambodia and Asia, AUPP introduced the dual degree program model in the summer of 2016 with its partner university in the USA, the University of Arizona (UA). This dual degree program is a U.S. accredited program whereby upon graduation the students obtain two degrees at the same time. One degree is issued by AUPP and the other from the UA.

From the history of AUPP was a vision in the minds of AUPP’s founders to the first graduating class in Summer 2017, the American University of Phnom Penh has exceeded expectations of growth and development to become Cambodia’s premier university offering higher education at the American standard. With a new campus and new programs on the horizon, there is no limit to the opportunities that await students who choose to discover their education with AUPP. With expert faculty, high standard curriculum, and vibrant student life, AUPP nurtures and inspires the future leaders and innovators of tomorrow.

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