Dear students
At times of crisis and widespread anxiety, it is important we stay calm and act rationally.  We have a responsibility to our families, friends and the wider community to avoid heightening concerns or exaggerating the risks.

I would encourage you to not bounce emails or social media messages around unless you are promoting calm and official advice. Otherwise you are in danger of causing unnecessary anxiety to others and perhaps heightening your own.

There is also no need to send me special appeals to keep the campus open or to close the campus.  Our decision will be taken calmly and in consideration of all the circumstances and following government advice.

For several weeks now, indeed from before the current health concerns became widespread in Cambodia, AUPP has prepared for different possibilities. As you know, our campus is cleaned daily with work surfaces disinfected.  We have first aid facilities and hand cleaning materials in accordance with medical advice.  We have always had signs urging the washing of hands and we have increased that signage.  Face masks are available to those who want them.  We have a no contact thermometer for anyone who thinks they may have a fever and we know the government protocols to be followed should we need to do so.  We have advised and continue to advise anyone feeling unwell to stay home.

In different parts of the country and in different sections of education in Phnom Penh decisions have been made in accordance to the circumstances of those areas / those institutions.  AUPP will be making its decisions in response to our circumstances and, as always, following the advice of the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health.  Always, but especially at times like this, it is important to show respect to government expertise and guidance, rather than take arbitrary decisions.

At AUPP our preparation has included the readying by our excellent teachers to teach by distance should the government ask HE institutions to close.  We will not however switch to that mode until a decision to close the campus operation. That decision may come soon, it may come next week, it may come later or it may not come at all.  Please pay attention to messages from the President or me on this.  Until official communication, you should expect to have classes.

Over the rest of the semester we will continue to provide excellent AUPP education.  An important part of a good education is to learn to act rationally, stay calm and encourage friends to remain calm, care for each other, and to work together following the best advice.

Best wishes as always,