Tuition must be paid prior to registering for classes. Approval is required for any exceptions.

Full-Time Students
Full-time students are defined as students taking 12 or more credit units of collegiate study per semester. Regular Fall and Spring tuition for full-time students is 4,500 USD per semester or 9,000 USD each academic year (two semesters). Summer tuition is set by the Board of Trustees on a per unit basis proportional to tuition payment.

Part-Time Students
Students who register for fewer than 12 credits are defined as part-time students. Tuition for students taking less than 12 units in a semester is per unit proportional to tuition payment.

After four years of studies, students earn a Bachelor’s degree from AUPP. If the student plans to earn another degree from AUPP partner universities in the U.S., he/ she may enroll in the dual degree program from the beginning of the third year. For those students who enroll in a Dual Degree Program, additional fees to cover administrative costs may apply.