Financial Aid

Students who achieve grade C, D and E from National High School Exam receive USD 2,000 financial aid from the AUPP Foundation, and pay 7,000 USD each academic year for the entire four-year Bachelor degree program, including for the English preparatory program.

Students enrolled in the Business, Law and Architecture dual degree majors will be ineligible for 2,000 USD financial aid in their last two years of education. This means students pay 9,000 USD for their third and fourth year.

For students enrolling in B.A. in English, the AUPP Foundation will award USD 5,000 financial aid, and students pay USD 4,000 each academic year in the entire four-year Bachelor degree program. Students receiving financial aid for the English major may change to other majors provided they repay the relevant amount of financial aid of USD 1.500 each semester previously undertaken. Students who enroll in a major other than English and subsequently change to English are not entitled to receive a refund or tuition fee credit. Students enrolling in B.A. in English are not eligible for scholarships.