AUPP’s Student Affairs serves as students’ main resource for internship opportunities. Internships are designed to give students the chance to learn the inner workings of organizations, deepen their knowledge of their respected field, and refine the learning outcomes they have developed from their time at AUPP. Students engage in the application process directly, learning firsthand professional skills such as CV improvement, writing cover letters, and preparing for the interview process. Students partake in internships either doing the internship in the school year and during the summer session. In the past, students have worked for a variety of different types of organizations in Cambodia and internationally.  Internship opportunities can potentially lead to future employment with the employer. But most importantly, an internship experience gives students the firsthand exposure to a professional setting, preparing them for the next steps beyond AUPP.

 “The best part’s the feeling that I’m part of the whole team. One, I got a seat in the office, you know where you sit back to back and head to head with other colleagues, and it feels GREAT. I only see workers sitting like that in the movies, and when I get to sit like that in real life I feel more productive and energetic! Two, I expect being an intern to be more passive and learning from the sidelines, but I’m directly involved in some of the most important aspect of the law firm! That’s awesome!”    –  Yuttarach Chan


“I would use one word to describe this internship experience: ‘fantastic’. I got to explore a lot of staffs ranging from non-governmental to governmental works, and got to use my academic knowledge. For this work, I have to thank the international relation course I took with Dr. Frame. Because of this course, I was able to do research from perspectives of both realists and liberals.”   –  Limeng Ong


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