The University of Arizona Delegation Visit to AUPP

The University of Arizona Delegation Visit to AUPP

On the second week of March 2017, a delegation of the University of Arizona (UA) from the US visited the American University of Phnom Penh (AUPP). This visit was a step towards a stronger strategic partnership between the two universities and saw a further deepening of ties between the two institutions. The visit could not […]

AUPP Students Finish Student Government Training in Washington DC

Finishing their student government training, AUPP’s students returned from their trip in the US Capitol. We asked them a few questions about their time in Washington DC. How did u get involved with American SGA? Dr. Billie gave us the idea so we could get more involved with American student government so that we could […]

AUPP’s Student Government Activities in Washington DC

Recently we received an update on AUPP’s Student Government Activities on their trip to Washington DC. Seven students representing AUPP’s student body traveled to USA in early October for an American Student Government Association Summit to network with other American student governments and learn from them. The following is an update from them about their […]

Washington DC Trip Starts for AUPP Student Government

Starting their Washington DC Trip from Phnom Penh, AUPP Student Government is one of the few international student governments to travel to the US capitol. Why are they heading there? For the American Student Government Association’s National Student Government Summit set to happen in Washington DC for about 1 week. AUPP’s student government will be […]

Visiting Provinces: Kampot and Sihanoukville

With the recent news of our latest U.S. partnership with Fort Hays State University (FHSU), we continued our Provincial Tour sharing the excitement of the Dual Degrees Program that will be implemented in the near future. This opportunity opens up the door for many Cambodian students who aspire to earn a U.S. degree meanwhile studying here in […]

Provincial Tour

AUPP had a successful provincial tour last week as we’ve visited high school students in 6 Provinces. The objective for this provincial tour was to speak directly with students in preparing them for their national high school exam, informing students on making decisions on furthering their education after they graduate, and the opportunity to choose AUPP […]

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