A Group of AUPP Students Journey to Kampong Chheu Teal High School for a Sharing Session

AUPP Meets Students at US Education Fair Hosted by IDP

AUPP was invited to participate in the US Education Fair that was organized by IDP and held at the ACE Toul Tamping Campus. As a university partner, AUPP was able to participate in this event that was mainly reserved for Universities in the United States. The US Education Fair was organized in order for Cambodian […]

Public Lecture by Distinguished Scholar and an AUPP Professor

AUPP has the pleasure of working with Dr. Sorpong Peou who is a distinguished scholar and a Professor of International Security, Department of Politics and Public Administration at Ryerson University. Dr. Sorpong Peou is temporarily staying in Cambodia to share his expertise with a variety of organizations as well as work as a Global Affairs […]

Constitution Day Party held at AUPP

AUPP held a Cambodian Constitution Day party to celebrate Cambodian Constitution day. This national holiday was established to celebrate the signing of the Cambodian constitution by King Sihanouk. While Constitution day in Cambodia is normally celebrated on September 24th, students, faculty and staff wanted to hold the party before the holiday weekend. Senior Law students […]

USA Student visa information was provided by a U.S. Embassy official

On Wednesday, a U.S. Embassy official provided full information regarding USA student visas and possible scholarships to study in the United States. The information, which is sought by millions of foreign students worldwide who desire to study in the United States, was provided to about 100 students studying at the American University of Phnom Penh […]

Visit by Students, Parents and Teachers from Siem Reap Province

The American University of Phnom Penh (AUPP) was extremely fortunate to welcome visitors from Siem Reap Province last weekend. AUPP staff, faculty and students enthusiastically shared their experiences, as well as their AUPP teaching and learning journeys to the visitors in order to illustrate the unique features provided by this university. Our guests were absolutely […]

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