Admissions Process

How to apply for admission to AUPP
  1. Make sure that you fulfill all of the criteria required for admission. The criteria include graduation from high school and proficiency in English. Please visit our Admissions Criteria page for full details.
  2. Complete an admissions application form. You can download a copy of the AUPP Application Form, or pick up a copy in person from the front desk at the AUPP campus.
  3. Submit your application and $25 application fee together with required supporting documents, in person at the University or by e-mail. These include a high school transcript or an official notice of graduation from high school, a letter of recommendation written by someone who is not a family member, and a personal essay.

If you are unable to submit all materials at the time of application, you may receive conditional admission to AUPP, which is valid for one semester.  Students who fail to submit missing materials with the time frame must meet with the VPASA before continuing at AUPP.

Admission decision and notification

Based on the information you have submitted and the results of your proficiency test and the interview, you will either be admitted directly to the collegiate program, admitted to the English Preparatory Program, or you will not be admitted.

Transfer of coursework from other universities

You may be eligible to receive credit for coursework complete at another university; the decision on the transfer of coursework, however, is at the sole discretion of AUPP.  Students who wish to transfer coursework must provide the VPASA with a copy of their official University transcripts and the syllabus for each course that was completed.