Bachelor of Arts, Law

Law is a demanding career in which the ability to analyze information and provide solutions to clients is critical to success. The Law Program at AUPP is grounded in ethics and provides a wide range of course options.

The program includes courses in the different types of law (civil and criminal). Students also take courses in evidence, legal research and lawyering skills. The program includes specific courses on Cambodian, ASEAN and International Law. In addition, students have the opportunity to practice what they learn in internships.

Career Opportunities
The Bachelor of Arts in Law program prepares graduates for success in careers in private firms, legal departments, NGOs, IGOs or government. Students enrolled in the B.A., Law program are expected to develop core competencies in the areas of knowledge, analysis, cultural sensitivity, and professionalism.

Program Outcomes
Graduates from the American University of Phnom Penh with a Bachelor of Arts in Law degree will be able to demonstrate the attributes of effective, responsible lawyers and have achieved the following learning outcomes:

  • acquisition of intellectual and analytical skills
  • attainment of core knowledge of the law
  • attainment of core understanding of the law
  • acquisition of professional skills
  • practice of professionalism
  • ability to learn and recognition of the importance of lifelong learning
  • ability to analyze data, to solve problems, and to think critically
  • ability to communicate effectively

Degree Pathway for Bachelor of Arts, Law

FRESHMAN YEAR (Year 1) – Fall Semester (Semester 1)

COMM 103 Oral Communication 3 units
ENGL 101 English Composition I 3 units
ENVN 131 Environmental Science 3 units
LEGL 101 Introduction to Law and Legal Systems 3 units
MATH 177 Elementary Statistics 3 unit
SEMR 101 First Year Seminar 1 unit

FRESHMAN YEAR (Year 1) – Spring Semester (Semester 2)

BUSN 101 Introduction to Business 3 units
ENGL 102 English Composition II 3 units
HIST 130 World History I 3 units
HUMN 101 Introduction to the Humanities 3 units
ITEC 101 Introduction to Information Technology 3 units

SOPHOMORE YEAR (Year 2) – Fall Semester (Semester 1)

GEOG 120 World Geography 3 units
GBLA 101 Introduction to International Relations 3 units
HIST 131 World History II 3 units
HUMN 110 Arts and Culture 3 units
LEGL 200 Legal Writing and Research I 3 units

SOPHOMORE YEAR (Year 2) – Spring Semester (Semester 2)

GBLA 230 International Political Economy 3 units
HUMN 250 Ethics and Society 3 units
ENGL 240 Literature 3 units
POLS 110 Introduction to Politics 3 units
LEGL 210 Legal Writing and Research II 3 units

JUNIOR YEAR (Year 3) – Fall Semester (Semester 1)

ECON 150 Microeconomics 3 units
LEGL 320 Contract Law 3 units
LEGL 325 Tort Law 3 units
LEGL 330 Criminal Law: General Principles 3 units
Elective [Elective] 3 units

JUNIOR YEAR (Year 3) – Spring Semester (Semester 2)

ECON 140 Macroeconomics I 3 units
LEGL 331 Criminal Procedure 3 units
LEGL 430 Constitutional Law 3 units
LEGL 435 International Law 3 units
Elective [Elective] 3 units

Summer Semester

LEGL 488 Legal Internship 3 units

SENIOR YEAR (Year 4) – Fall Semester (Semester 1): Minor in Economics

LEGL 333 Moot Court I 3 units
LEGL 340 Labor Law 3 units
LEGL 400 Property Law 3 units
LEGL 420 Civil Procedure 3 units
Elective [Elective] 3 units

SENIOR YEAR (Year 4) – Spring Semester (Semester 2): Minor in Economics

LEGL 310 Legal Ethics 3 units
LEGL 350 Family Law 3 units
LEGL 415 Commercial Enterprise 3 units
LEGL 450 Intellectual Property 3 units
Elective [Elective] 3 units