Information Technology Management

Bachelor of Science, Information Technology Management

The Information Technology Management (ITM) program is designed to develop professionals in emerging and converging information and communication technologies. A degree in ITM produces graduates who can organize business processes to support the strategic corporate needs, demands and goals at the management level. The program is designed to bridge the gap between problems of business and the capabilities of information technology, while aligning the technology with business strategies. Students enhance their critical thinking, problem solving, and analytical skills with knowledge of management principles. The program is a balance of technology, management, communications and the liberal arts.

In addition to General Education requirements of the university, The ITM major will require 45 units of advanced study plus 15 units of electives for completion of a chosen minor or concentration. Students in ITM are also required to complete co-requisite courses in math (algebra, calculus, and/or statistics), and lab courses in science. Completion of the program will also require demonstration of technical writing ability, a senior project, and an internship.

Career Opportunities
Students are prepared for positions in technology and management fields, such as, for example, local and national government, telecommunications, financial institutions, corporate or educational IT units, private business and NGO’s. Graduates will have the necessary knowledge, experience and skills to enter technology related careers in business and management. Job opportunities include, but are not limited to: business, management and systems analyst; IT and project management; IT director; information management specialist; database or web administrator; network administrator; software or computer applications specialist; IT security officer; and, data scientist.

Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrate technical competence in core areas of information technology management.
  • Analyze data to support managerial decision-making processes in an organizational setting.
  • Demonstrate an ability to manage information technology projects.
  • Communicate effectively in professional settings.
  • Recognize the importance of lifelong education and learning.
  • Understand professional, ethical and social issues and responsibility.

Degree Pathway for Bachelor of Science, Information Technology Management

FRESHMAN YEAR (Year 1) – Fall Semester (Semester 1)

COMM 103 Oral Communication 3 units
ENGL 101 English Composition I 3 units
ENVN 131 Environmental Science 3 units
ITEC 101 Introduction to Information Technology 3 units
MATH 177 Elementary Statistics 3 units
SMNR 101 First Year Seminar 1 unit

FRESHMAN YEAR (Year 1) – Spring Semester (Semester 2)

BUSN 101 Introduction to Business 3 units
ENGL 102 English Composition II 3 units
HIST 130 World History I 3 units
HUMN 101 Introduction to the Humanities 3 units
LEGL 101 Introduction to Law and the Legal System 3 units

SOPHOMORE YEAR (Year 2) – Fall Semester (Semester 1)

ECON 150 Microeconomics 3 units
GEOG 120 World Geography 3 units
GBLA 101 Introduction to International Relations 3 units
HIST 131 World History II 3 units
HUMN 110 Arts and Culture 3 units

SOPHOMORE YEAR (Year 2) – Spring Semester (Semester 2)

ECON 140 Macroeconomics I 3 units
GBLA 230 International Political Economy 3 units
HUMN 250 Ethics and Society 3 units
ENGL 240 Literature 3 units
POLS 110 Introduction to Politics 3 units

JUNIOR YEAR (Year 3) – Fall Semester (Semester 1)

BUSN 340 Business Communications 3 units
ITM 201 Java Programming I 3 units
ITM 330 Human Computer Interaction 3 units
ITM 340 Mathematics for Computing 3 units
ITM 350 Project Management (ITM) 3 units
MATH 230 Discrete Mathematics 3* units

JUNIOR YEAR (Year 3) – Spring Semester (Semester 2)

BUSN 360 Business Ethics & Social Responsibility 3 units
ITM 202 Java Programming II 3 units
ITM 320 Computer Network 3 units
MGMT 320 Operations Management 3 units
BUSN 370 Management Information Systems 3 units

Summer Semester

ITM 488 ITM Internship 3 units

SENIOR YEAR [Minor in Economics] (Year 4) – Fall Semester (Semester 1)

ITM 410 Business System Analysis and Design 3 units
ITM 420 Business Intelligence Analysis 3 units
ITM 430 Business System Analysis and Design 3 units
Elective [ECON 306 Applied Business and Economic Statistics] 3 units
Elective [ECON 440 Money and Banking] 3 units

SENIOR YEAR [Minor in Economics] (Year 4) – Spring Semester (Semester 2)

ITM 440 Business Intelligence and Decision Support Analytic 3 units
ITM 450 Data Warehousing and Datamining 3 units
Elective [ECON 307 Spreadsheet Modelling for Business Decision Analysis] 3 units
Elective [ECON 441 Microeconomics II] 3 units
Elective [ECON 442 Macroeconomics II] 3 units

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