Civil Engineering

Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Dual Degree Program)

The newly established Civil Engineering program at AUPP gives students the opportunity to learn from the expertise of the University of Arizona faculty, and gain skills through a U.S. program that mirrors the Accreditation Board for Engineering & Technology (ABET) accredited Civil Engineering program at the main UA campus. The College of Engineering at the UA has professors actively engaged in Southeast Asia, plans to pursue accreditation for the Civil Engineering dual degree program at AUPP so that graduates will earn an internationally recognized engineering credential.

Eligible students may apply for the dual degree pathway to add Bachelor of Civil Engineering with UA from the third year onwards.

Civil Engineering students receive the following benefits from this program:

  • Gain access to well-equipped physical and computer laboratories
  • Learn from the expertise of UA faculty and local and regional engineering firms
  • Take courses in graphics, statics, mechanics of solids and fluids, surveying, design, transportation, water systems, and earth structures

Career Opportunities

Civil engineers design, construct, and manage facilities and infrastructure such as buildings, bridges, transport systems, dams, power plants, and air and water pollution control systems, etc.


Program Structure Required Total Credits (128)
General Education 40
Civil Engineering Major 73
Electives 15
General Education Courses (Required: 40 credits)
Students select courses from the list of General Education courses under General Education / Liberal Studies Requirement section of the Catalogue.  GEOS 251, PHYS 141, PHYS 241, and CHEM 151 are required courses for students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering dual degree with  UA.
Civil Engineering Major Courses (Required: 73 credits)
Course Code    Course Name Credit
CE 210 Engineering Graphics (CAD) 1
CE 214 Statics 3
CE 215 Mechanics of Solids 3
CE 218 Mechanics of Fluids 3
CE 251 Elementary Surveying 3
CE 260 Computer Programming in Civil Engineering 1
CE 301 Engineering Communications 3
CE 303 Numerical Analysis for Civil Engineers 3
CE 310 Probability and Statistics in Civil Engineering 3
CE 323 Hydraulic Engineering and Design 4
CE 333 Elementary Structural Analysis 3
CE 334 Structural Design in Steel OR Technical Elective 3
CE 335 Structural Design in Concrete OR Technical Elective 3
CE 343 Soil Mechanics 3
CE 363 Transport Engineering and Pavement Design 4
CE 381 Construction Eng. Management 3
CE 408A Issues in Civil Engineering Practice 3
CE 408B Civil Engineering Senior Capstone Design 3
CE 440 Foundation Engineering 3
ENGR 102A/102B/102 Introduction to Engineering 3
ENGR 211I Engineering Science Module – Dynamics 1
ENGR 211P Engineering Science Module – Engineering Economics 1
MATH 122A/B OR 125 Calculus I with Engineering Applications 3/5
MATH 129 Calculus II 3
MATH 223 Vector Calculus 4
MATH 254 Intro to Ordinary Differential Equations 3
SMNR 101E Engineering Seminar 3
Minor / Electives (Required: 15 Credits)  (See Note 1, 2 & 3)
EC ELEC 1 (Lab) CE Lab Elective 1 1
CE ELEC 2 (Lab) CE Lab Elective 2 1
CE ELEC 3 (Lab) CE Lab Elective 3 1
CE ELEC 4 (Technical) CE Technical Elective 1 3
CE ELEC 5 (Technical) CE Technical Elective 2 3
CE ELEC 6 (Technical) CE Technical Elective 3 3
CE ELEC 7 (Technical) CE Technical Elective 4 3
Note 1 Minors are not applicable for the Civil Engineering program.
Note 2 Elective lists are available from the  Office of the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs for students enrolled in the dual degree.
Note 3 Students enrolled in the dual degree with the University of Arizona are required to complete all 7 elective courses.