Our Collections

Open book on stack of closed booksBooks

Books are arranged according to the Library of Congress classification system.  The collection is arranged alphabetically from left to right on each shelf and from top to bottom in each bookcase.  Each letter stands for a subject area, for example E is History of the Americas and P is Language and Literature (see the list of major classifications below.) A complete guide to the Library of Congress classification system is posted in the Library, and available (to view or download) on the website of the Library of Congress.

A      General Work
B      Philosophy, Psychology and Religion
C      Auxiliary Sciences of History
D     World History and History of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, etc.
E      History of the Americas
F      History of the Americas
H     Social Sciences
J      Political Science
K      Law
L      Education
M     Music and books on music
N     Fine Arts
Q     Science
S      Agriculture
T     Technology
U     Military Science
V     Naval Science
Z     Bibliography, Library Science, Information Resources (general)

Books may be checked out for two weeks at a time and may be renewed unless someone else has requested to use the book.

Professors may put some materials in Reserve for a specific course. These materials are to be shared by all students in the class. The instructor will give students information about the Reserve Material. Students will tell the Librarian or Library Assistant the Course Name and the Instructor’s Name when they want to borrow those items.  Because these books may be used extensively, they may be checked out for no more than two hours during the day, but must remain in the Library during that time. The books may be checked out of the library no earlier than 4:30 PM and must be returned no later than 8:30 AM the following day.  If checked out Saturday at noon, they must be returned no later than the following Monday at 8 AM.  If there is a heavy demand for one or more of the books, the Librarian will create a wait list so students can sign up to borrow the book at a specific time.

Collection Development

The cardinal principle guiding the Library’s collection development policy is support of the curriculum and research by faculty and advanced undergraduates.  Suggestions from the university community regarding the enhancement of our Library collections, both bound and electronic, will be seriously considered.