About the AUPP Library: A message from the Librarian

Welcome to AUPP Library. Libraries are not created in a day, but through time with careful acquisitions and plans. Already, we are fortunate to have a solid foundation of print books and electronic databases to fill the information needs of students, faculty, and scholars.

Currently, AUPP students and faculty have access to SAGE and JSTOR. These are great databases that have hundreds of academic journal articles and other scholarly resources. They are updated daily with new material, and undergraduate students across the globe find excellent information from them for their projects and papers.

The Library is a learning center on campus, an environment where students can read, relax, use computers or books, and study. It is a comfortable place that students use often. The Library is also the place for students to enrich their AUPP academic life and be inspired to set and reach high goals.

This is just the beginning, and much more is on the way. See the Library for yourself when you visit the campus. Ask if you have questions, because the Library is here to help you find answers!